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An Economic Ecosystem

By Rebecca Martin | April 2, 2019

Dash Point State ParkMembership Matters. Much as I wish it did, the Chamber does not have the magic power of finding consumers for your business clients or gathering clients for your company.

Instead, we must recognize that the Chamber is much the same as a natural ecosystem—one that is interrelated and interdependent on a “food chain” for survival. So it is with Chamber members.

Big, medium, small—all businesses provide goods and services along to others in the chain of commerce. We need each other in order to survive in a competitive economy. The Chamber’s role to build a self-sustaining ecosystem in which all businesses can interact and support one another. It’s a role we embrace.

With a regional scope of work in a global economy, our Chamber does not support “shop local” campaigns. Rather, we support Shop Chamber and strongly advocate supporting those businesses who have invested in the community through Chamber membership.

The Federal Way area is privileged to enjoy both a range in businesses: big box stores, national chains, franchises, sole proprietors, mom and pops, regional satellites, start-ups and Fortune 500s. It’s clear we mean business here in the South Sound.

Look for the Membership cling in the window of our businesses. These companies are leaders committed to ensuring our region continues to thrive as a business-generating ecosystem of commerce—one that offers you resources, connections, benefits, and tools to succeed.

Remember, it does not matter where a company is located. What matters is where you want to do business. And right here, right now, is the beating business heart of the region.

As a consumer and as business owner, you have a choice on where to spend your dollars. I encourage you to spend your money with those that invest in our community through your Chamber of Commerce.

Shop Chamber. Invest Community. Believe Success. I know I do.

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